An Introduction to Milk Kefir

Whether you have only just decided to start looking into the benefits of probiotics, or you have been enjoying probiotics for years, there is no doubt that you most probably still have a few questions regarding probiotics and fermented foods. Today we are going to be discussing milk kefir, as this is something in which […]

How to Choose Lingerie to Suit Your Body Type and make you Feel Confident

When it comes to choosing sexy lingerie to suit your body type, it isn’t necessarily about what body shape you are, it doesn’t even really matter whether you’re pear shaped or hourglass shaped, it is simply about finding underwear which holds the ability to make you feel good! Feeling good is of superior importance, and […]

4 surprising things about Leeds

Leeds is a city often seen as the vibrant young hub of Yorkshire. Its diverse student population, surrounding countryside and rich culture make it a highly interesting place to be. In fact, the Christmas period has seen Leeds emerge as a place at the forefront of entertainment and great nightlife; set to continue into 2016! […]

What you can do to improve sleep

We, human beings as a species, spend one third of our lives sleeping, so it’s imperative that we have the best night’s sleep, every night. Yet some people suffer from sleep related illnesses such as insomnia and sleep apnoea which can result in a disturbed sleep. Having the right bed, level of comfort and matching […]

Keeping your commercial kitchen clean for Christmas

If you work in hospitality and catering, you will most likely be aware of the pressure of Christmas demand. The need for food products to be pushed out faster, recipes made richer and embellishment added, can all come into play. Although it can seem stressful on the surface: the prospect of big business and a […]

Feel Alive with Healthy Bacteria!

Health is something everyone strives for, and it can be tough to stay healthy when you have to deal with work, kids, cleaning, travelling, and other responsibilities. Where is the time to work out and be truly healthy? For many there is no time at all, but with probiotic drinks there is a quick and […]

What everyone’s pigging out on: Hog Roasts!

Now that summer is here, many of us will be throwing parties and gatherings– and who doesn’t want to leave a good impression on their beloved guests? Recent trends in catering show that the old buffet style sandwich and salad arrangement is becoming increasingly outdated- not to mention boring. Many people are wanting a more […]